About CeQur Simplicity

What is CeQur Simplicity? How is CeQur Simplicty different than insulin syringes or insulin pens?

CeQur Simplicity is a 3-day wearable insulin Patch designed to deliver rapid-acting insulin at mealtimes, snack times, and when glucose levels are high. The Patch is intended for subcutaneous (under the skin), delivery of rapid-acting insulin for the management of diabetes in adults requiring insulin. The Patch is compatible with either NovoLog® (aspart) U-100 or Humalog® (lispro) U-100 insulin. The Patch is applied to the abdomen (belly) with a reusable Inserter, and insulin is delivered by squeezing the two buttons on the sides of the Patch. The buttons can be squeezed through clothing. Each squeeze delivers 2 units of insulin through a small flexible tube called a cannula placed just below the skin. The Patch can be worn while bathing, showering, swimming, exercising, and sleeping. The Patch holds up to 200 units of insulin. The Patch should be thrown away after using it for 3 days and replaced with a new Patch.

What are CeQur Simplicity’s key features and benefits?

CeQur Simplicity is a simple, discreet, three-day wearable insulin Patch that delivers injection-free mealtime insulin doses. CeQur Simplicity is slim, sleek, and virtually unnoticeable under clothing, allowing people to dose in any situation.

Where is CeQur Simplicity available?

CeQur Simplicity is available in the United States. Please check with your healthcare professional to determine availability in your specific area of the United States.

Is CeQur Simplicity available for purchase over the counter?

No, CeQur Simplicity requires a prescription and training from a healthcare professional.

Is CeQur Simplicity covered by insurance?

CeQur Simplicity is covered by the majority of Payers. Please refer to your individual plan or speak with your insurance company, healthcare professional, or pharmacist about your specific insurance coverage.

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How To Prescribe CeQur Simplicity

1. CeQur Simplicity 10-Pack

  • Write “CeQur Simplicity 2U Patch, 10 Pack”.

2. Vial Of Rapid-Acting Insulin

  • Labeled for use Humalog® U-100 or NovoLog® U-100. Insulin sold separately.

3. Get Your Patient Started With A Starter Kit

  • Each patient will receive a Starter Kit.

  • Kit includes the reusable Inserter needed to apply the Patches (Note: Inserter is provided only in the Starter Kit).

  • Starter Kits are available from your CeQur Representative or by calling CeQur Care at 1-888-55-CeQur (1-888-552-3787).

2 Patches

1 Inserter (reusable)

Quick Start Guide
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