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Laticia S.

"I am always looking for things to help my patients lighten the heavy burden of diabetes management. I see positive changes in all my patients who are able to use this device."

Rob D.
CeQur Simplicity User

"We lead an active lifestyle. Carrying a bag full of insulin supplies was so cumbersome. Now that I have the patch, I feel so liberated. I can’t imagine living without it."

Tameca H.
CeQur Simplicity User

"I have a very busy and hectic life. You can be driving in your car and remember to take your insulin. You just click the buttons; it is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it!"

"Here is a quote from Rob about CeQur Simplicity"

Rob Dixon

What Other Users 
Are Saying About CeQur Simplicity

What Others Are Saying About 
CeQur Simplicity

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Learn more how CeQur Simplicity is different than insulin syringes or insulin pens as well as other important information. 

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Making a Difference 

“CeQur Simplicity is so easy” 

— CeQur Simplicity user

It’s so simple. People don’t want complicated.” 

— CDCES at endo practice

“I wore CeQur Simplicity and didn’t want to take it off. It

was so comfortable!” 

 — Lead CDCES at Cleveland Clinic

“I can’t tell you how happy I am so far! It’s really liberating! Thank you SO MUCH for reaching out and giving me the chance to be among the first to use it. I appreciate it very much!” 

 — CeQur Simplicity user

“One of our largest barriers for patients is carrying mealtime insulin or not wanting to inject at the table when dining out. This fills a need big time!” 

 — CDCES in primary care